Lucapa’s vision is to become a leading producer of large and premium-quality diamonds - from both alluvial and kimberlite sources - in Africa and other known diamond provinces around the world.

Lucapa has a well-defined strategy to create value for shareholders through profitable growth in the international diamond sector, while operating in a safe and responsible manner for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The Company has an experienced Board and management team with extensive global diamond industry expertise to deliver on this strategy. Lucapa’s strategic goals include:

  • Providing shareholders with capital-growth potential through the profitable production of premium-quality diamonds;
  • Identifying and exploring prospective kimberlite and lamproite targets with the aim of making source diamond discoveries;
  • Reviewing new opportunities with potential to provide growth, including generating downstream income through the cutting & polishing of select exceptional diamonds;
  • Managing a capital structure which supports growth whilst maintaining a robust balance sheet; and
  • Conducting operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, adhering to industry best practice standard