The Lulo kimberlite exploration program aims to identify the primary hard-rock source or sources of the exceptional alluvial diamonds being mined at Lulo.

Exploration involves the systematic drilling of kimberlite targets highlighted from a geophysical survey flown over the entire 3,000km2 Lulo concession.

This extensive exploration program is operated in parallel with the alluvial diamond mining operations at Lulo.

The kimberlite drilling program involves up to three rigs drilling continuously throughout the year, including the Angolan wet season, with three main objectives:

  • To determine which of the identified targets are kimberlites
  • To recover core material from confirmed kimberlites for petrography, indicator mineral recoveries and mineral chemistry analysis
  • To use those laboratory results to prioritise a much-reduced number of potentially diamondiferous kimberlite pipes for further drilling and bulk sampling

The kimberlite exploration program is being funded from Lucapa’s share of distributions from the alluvial diamond mining operations.