The Mothae kimberlite project is located in the Kingdom of Lesotho, a small country (population circa 2.2 million) surrounded by South Africa which celebrated 50 years of political independence from Great Britain in 2016.


Lesotho is known as the highest $ per carat producer of diamonds in the world.

Most of Lesotho’s high-value diamond mines are located in a cluster high up in the Maluti Mountains. These mines include Letseng, located within 5km of Mothae, which is the world’s highest $ per carat kimberlite diamond mine.

Lesotho’s diamonds include the 603 carat Lesotho Promise, the 601 carat Lesotho Brown, the 550 carat Letseng Star, the 478 carat Light of Letseng and the 493 carat Letseng Legacy.

In January 2018, Gem Diamonds announced the recovery of a spectacular 910 carat diamond from Letseng, reported to be the fifth largest gem on record.

A new democratic Government was elected in Lesotho in June 2017.

The new Lesotho Minister of Mining, the Honourable Keketso Sello, has been actively encouraging foreign investment in the diamond and other mining sectors to continue to grow the country’s economy.

Minister Sello attended the international Africa Down Under resources conference in Western Australia in September 2017, where he issued an invitation to international investors to share in the development of Lesotho’s vast mineral resources.

Minister Sello’s Africa Down Under presentation can be viewed here.