Lucapa’s 80% owned Brooking Diamond Project (118km2) is located in Western Australia’s West Kimberley region, within 50km of the Ellendale diamond mine.

In late 2017, Lucapa completed a drilling program at Brooking with the aim of identifying the lamproitic source of the diamonds and abundant lamproitic indicator minerals recovered from previous field sampling campaigns within the project.

Lamproite is known source of diamonds in the West Kimberley, most notably at the Ellendale E4 and E9 pipes which, when in production, produced more than 50% of the world’s annual supply of fancy yellow diamonds. 

As announced in January 2018, the drilling program resulted in the discovery of lamproite at the Little Spring Creek prospect at Brooking with significant concentrations of diamonds.

The diamonds recovered from the Little Spring Creek drill core included 112 micro-diamonds (<0.5mm) and seven macro-diamonds, the largest of which was 1mmm x 0.6mm x 0.5mm.

In April 2018, Lucapa launched an extensive new exploration program at Brooking, following the completion of the northern wet season, to follow-up on the spectacular Little Spring Creek discovery.

This program will include extensive geophysical surveys at Little Spring Creek and a series of other prospective target areas within the Brooking project where anomalous concentrations of diamonds and lamproitic indicator minerals were also recovered from previous surface sampling programs, including Katie’s Bore, North East Creek, Homestead Creek, East West Creek, Santa Fe Dam and Cameron’s Bore. These geophysical surveys will help define targets for a follow-up drilling program scheduled to commence at Little Spring Creek in June 2018.